The counties of Girona are the most privileged in terms of landscape, monumental and natural diversity in Catalonia. Vilamalla, in the middle of Alt Empordà, has the peculiarity of encompassing all these characteristics and being close to spectacular places that cover all the needs and concerns of the traveler, whether they are cultural, natural, heritage, leisure ... Welcome to Mas de Les Canyes, welcome to Vilamalla!


We have tourist information throughout the Alt Empordà area and its surroundings... In Alt Empordà, surely do not hurt yourself!



Costa (15 minutes): the Costa Brava is close! One of the prettiest beaches and beaches of all of Europe, the Costa Brava, is just a few kilometers from Vilamalla and Mas de Les Canyes. If you want to take a break on the beach, you are close!



Mountain (30 minutes): less than an hour from Vilamalla, the Pyrenees reach the Alt Empordà and La Garrotxa, with places of natural interest as important as the Natural Park of the Volcanic Zone of La Garrotxa or the " Alta Garrotxa. In addition, the Albera massif, the Rhodes Mountains and Cap de Creus are also good examples of average and low mountain for routes and excursions on foot.


More nature (next to it): the plains of the Alt Empordà and the Baix Empordà are the most interesting for walks in the middle of nature. Places full of forests, fields, a small hill and many more interesting and protected natural areas, such as the Aiguamolls de l'Empordà Natural Park or Cap de Creus Natural Park, will make you enjoy the Empordà!


Culture: Alt Empordà is also a land of culture. From the Dalinian Triangle (which goes through three Empordà places: Portlligat, Púbol and Figueres), which allows you to know the figure of the genius Salvador Dalí, going through hundreds of artists, painters, writers, poets ... who have fallen in love with The lands of Empordà have portrayed it in their works. You do not have to scratch much to find the imprint of culture in Alt Empordà!


Heritage: Being one of the oldest areas of the Old Catalonia, Alt Empordà has a large number of period constructions, symbolic and of great heritage value, which have been preserved over the centuries. Churches, monasteries, churches, old country houses, civil buildings, bastions, fortifications and castles will welcome you wherever you go from the Empordà! The Monastery of Sant Pere de Rodes, the Castle of Peralada or the Mare de Déu del Mont are some very clear examples.

Social life: L'Alt Empordà is a living land, and its people are still more. The large number of organizations that celebrate meetings, activities and shows are not few (sung songs and sardanas, for example); To this we add the great number of music festivals that are in summer in the Empordà (the Acoustics of Figueres, the Peralada ...); and the innumerable fairs and special markets, of a rustic charm and artisan, that take place in the villages that are in all the Empordà geography (the Fair of the Cherry, the Wine Show of the Empordà, for example). Not far away there are several cities that offer thousand and one attractions, attractions and events that are attractive to tourists: Figueres, Girona, Banyoles, Olot ...